Is Your Church Missing A Blessing?

George Bailey, the main character in the movie It’s A Wonderful Life, is given a tremendous gift from his guardian angel, Clarence. If you recall, George contemplates jumping off a bridge one night but Clarence jumps off instead because he knows George will jump in and rescue him. In their back and forth afterwards, George... Continue Reading →


My Favorite Choir

Simply being in this small choir room every Sunday is good for my soul!

A Dream Realized

Soccer has been my favorite sport since the first time I stepped on a pitch at the age of 7. My passion for the sport has grown over the past three plus decades. In fact, my love for the sport helped me become a small business owner in 2010 when I opened a soccer store.... Continue Reading →

It’s Not the Healing that Matters

During a recent service at the church I attend, one of our worship pastors read Matthew 15:29-31. He focused on the reaction of the people when Jesus healed the lame, blind, crippled, and others. The people were “amazed” and they “praised the God of Israel”. I think I would have been amazed and praising God... Continue Reading →

Pro-life or Pro-birth

My desire is to cause every pro-life advocate to seriously consider his/her core belief on this topic, because I am convinced there is a difference between being pro-birth and pro-life.

It’s Time for More Than Just Awareness

Today is World Autism Awareness Day. Social media is abuzz with pictures of businesses that are lit up in blue to show they are “aware” of autism. People are sharing selfies wearing blue. There are pictures of people holding up signs promoting autism awareness. All of this is good. As the father of a boy... Continue Reading →

Snow Days are the best days!

I love snow days! We homeschool our son so a snow day does not typically impact his education. I am a small business owner and snow days can impact whether or not I work. If the roads are bad enough that I am not able to go in to work, then we also take a... Continue Reading →

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