Refreshing My Soul

I just returned home from church where my soul was renewed and refreshed. Not because of the worship music or pastor’s sermon, in fact, my wife and I rarely have the chance to attend service with the rest of our church’s congregation. We volunteer as leaders for a small group for adults with special needs... Continue Reading →


Thank You for Giving to the Lord

  Every once in a while, we come across people in our lives who make such an impact on us, or one of our family members, that all we can do is thank God that He brought them into our lives. I want to share about a few people like that who are currently impacting... Continue Reading →

Is Your Church Missing A Blessing?

George Bailey, the main character in the movie It’s A Wonderful Life, is given a tremendous gift from his guardian angel, Clarence. If you recall, George contemplates jumping off a bridge one night but Clarence jumps off instead because he knows George will jump in and rescue him. In their back and forth afterwards, George... Continue Reading →

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