Refreshing My Soul

I just returned home from church where my soul was renewed and refreshed. Not because of the worship music or pastor’s sermon, in fact, my wife and I rarely have the chance to attend service with the rest of our church’s congregation. We volunteer as leaders for a small group for adults with special needs... Continue Reading →


Thank You for Giving to the Lord

  Every once in a while, we come across people in our lives who make such an impact on us, or one of our family members, that all we can do is thank God that He brought them into our lives. I want to share about a few people like that who are currently impacting... Continue Reading →

Pushing Towards Potential

I believe all people are created in the image of God and because of this, every human being has the potential to become successful. It is up to each of us to decide whether we will strive to reach our potential or whether we will be satisfied with mediocrity. It is important that I define... Continue Reading →

It’s Not the Healing that Matters

During a recent service at the church I attend, one of our worship pastors read Matthew 15:29-31. He focused on the reaction of the people when Jesus healed the lame, blind, crippled, and others. The people were “amazed” and they “praised the God of Israel”. I think I would have been amazed and praising God... Continue Reading →

Pro-life or Pro-birth

My desire is to cause every pro-life advocate to seriously consider his/her core belief on this topic, because I am convinced there is a difference between being pro-birth and pro-life.

A Great Example of Love

Valentine’s Day is only two days away! This is the day we get to express our love for others. So how do you show your love? Do you buy heart shaped boxes of chocolate or send flowers? We can show our love through the gifts we give on special days, but the best way to... Continue Reading →

For Such a Time as This!

Our son spent 3 and a half months in the NICU and had 3 life threatening experiences. God made sure the right doctor was on duty during these 3 scares and used him to save our son's life each time.

Prayer Matters!

I began to tell how and when we heard about our son. I talked about the fact that we began praying for him the same day we heard about him, which was a five days after his birth. I noticed another co-worker within earshot had started to cry. I’m not a fan of women crying, so I was ready to leave. She stopped me and told me about a woman in her small group at church who had shared a story about a baby in the NICU where she worked.

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