Happy Birthday, Buckaroo!

Dear son,

Today you turn 15 years old!

It seems like just yesterday your mother and I were taking turns in the NICU next to your incubator. You were so little and fragile. We prayed hard for God to help you grow. Now, you are almost as tall as your mom and we desperately want time to slow down.

Like you, we wish you could “stop growing so fast”!

You have overcome so much since you were born. You attack each day with excitement and courage the likes of which I’ve never seen in such a young boy. God has given you a heart of joy and compassion.

I love that one of your favorite songs is “Go Light Your World” by Chris Rice because the lyrics epitomize your character.

You light our world everyday with your love. You remind us that we are to treat others with the love of Christ, regardless of how they treat us. Your smile is contagious and your laughter is the one of the greatest sounds that enters our ears.

Your excitement for simple things (Lite Brites, Legos, bacon & eggs…everyday, trips to Goodwill for a surprise, etc.) is humbling. I often catch myself thinking about everything I would like to have in this life, then you bring me back down to earth by showing me one of your Lite Brite creations. I am grateful that God uses you to remind me of what is important.

I look forward to our night time routine as much or more than you do. I do miss some of the routines we did when you were younger, but I cherish the current one because I know someday this will just be a memory like all the others.

Your mom and I pray for you daily. We pray that God will hold you in His unfailing love. We pray that God will use you to impact this world for Him. We pray that God will bless your life and have His hand on everything you do. We pray that we would be the parents you deserve and need to grow in the Lord. We pray that God would bring the right people in your life as mentors, teachers, and friends.

I don’t think either of us imagined we would have such an amazing son! We can’t wait to see what God does in your life over the next 15 years.


Son, remember these four things:
Jesus loves you!
Mommy loves you!
I love you!
We are proud of you!

Enjoy your birthday. I know your mom and I are eternally grateful for July 5th, 2002.


Love, Dad


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