Thank You for Giving to the Lord


Every once in a while, we come across people in our lives who make such an impact on us, or one of our family members, that all we can do is thank God that He brought them into our lives. I want to share about a few people like that who are currently impacting my son’s life. Each of them volunteers at our church. These individuals just happened to learn about our church’s special needs classes and volunteered to help in them.

Our church is on the outskirts of Nashville with several thousand members. Despite our church’s size we currently do not have a paid staff person overseeing the special needs classes (I wouldn’t describe it as a ministry yet, but that is a topic for another post), however, we have some amazing volunteers who serve each week. There are special needs classes for 2 out of the 3 services every Sunday. During one of those services, we have one class for children, one class for youth, and one class for adults with special needs.

The youth class only has one student, my son, and the teacher (Mr. Jack) has been teaching him for a couple years now. He does not simply babysit. He prepares a lesson and teaches my son about God every week. I know he loves my son and wants him to know what it means to be a Christian. He is invested in my son’s life.


I am grateful!

I want strong, Godly men around my son.

I want my son to be around men who love the Lord and are not ashamed of that.

I want my son to be around men who love him, accept him for who he is, and see his value as a young man created in the image of God.

Mr. Jack is the kind of man I want influencing my son.

One of my son’s recent homeschool assignments was to write a thank you note to someone. He chose Mr. Jack. He thanked him for teaching him Bible, about Jesus, God, and Christ our Lord.


Thank you, Mr. Jack for teaching my son about these things. They are far more important than anything else he can be taught!

This was the second assignment where he wrote to or about Mr. Jack. The first assignment was a paragraph about the topic of his choice. You guessed it, he wrote about Mr. Jack.

His topic sentence for the paragraph…

“Mr. Jack is awesome.” (I agree with my son, he is awesome)

I knew Mr. Jack was a good influence on my son, but I did not know the full extent of his impact until we did these 2 assignments. Mr. Jack, thank you for giving to the Lord by ministering to my son! I am eternally grateful for your example in his life.

The children’s special needs class has several different volunteers on Sunday’s but there are two couples who consistently serve these children. Each of these couples take the time to get to know each child in their class. They have learned what the children like, what they don’t like, how to calm them down, and how to make them feel loved and happy. Again, they don’t just babysit. They get involved. They teach. They encourage.

They love on each child as if he/she were their own.

These volunteers don’t see my son’s special needs…they see my son!

These volunteers don’t focus on what my son can’t do…they are amazed at what he can do!

These volunteers are the hands and feet of Jesus!

I can be at ease on Sundays, because I know my son is with volunteers who love God and love him!

Thank you for giving to the Lord!



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  1. Thank you for sharing this on the #sundaythoughts link up! We too attend church in Nashville and our special needs ministry is relatively new. We are so grateful for the volunteers that love our son every Sunday.

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