My Favorite Choir: The Concert!

They sang.

They played instruments.

They danced.

They smiled, laughed, and clapped for themselves.

They thoroughly enjoyed performing on stage!

The members of the Rising Star Choir of Nashville put on their Spring Concert this past Sunday afternoon.

It was the best concert I have ever had the privilege of attending!

Seventeen boys and girls from middle Tennessee began rehearsing together in January under the direction of “Miss Carrie” and several Belmont University students. These choir members came together every Sunday afternoon for one hour and practiced/learned a variety of songs. They worked hard to learn the words and hand motions for the songs. It was an ambitious endeavor that resulted in a beautiful performance.

Even though music has always been a part of my son’s life, I was unsure if he would enjoy the choir and want to continue. Not only did he like it, he looked forward to going back to “my choir” (as he said) on Sundays and rehearsing the songs. I think part of what he enjoyed was being part of a group with other boys and girls. After all, every child wants to be accepted by others, even those with special needs. He also liked it because there was a piano in the rehearsal room and he got to play it every week after rehearsal.

The Rising Star Choir of Nashville offered my son the opportunity to be a part of a group. He was accepted the way God made him. He was permitted to be himself in the presence of others without being judged or looked at as if he is weird. He was just another choir member. He grew to love a couple of the songs and would sing them around the house during the week. He was on stage doing something he loved…with other boys and girls. If given the choice, he would withdraw and be alone, but pushing him to be involved with this choir was important.

My son was part of the group!

This was an amazing experience for my son and one I hope he remembers for the rest of his life.

During the concert, I was not the father of a special needs son. I was just another proud dad!

I am forever grateful to the Rising Star Music Fund, “Miss Carrie”, the Belmont University students, and Belmont University for making this happen. I was moved by the college students who said they enjoyed working with my son. The impact of this choir and the care demonstrated by everyone working with my son, and the other members, will live in my memory for years to come.

I know my son has a lot to offer the world and I hope this experience will be a launching point for him to reach his full potential.

I will miss seeing and hearing my favorite choir. Thank you ALL for a fantastic four months!





Please consider donating to the Rising Star Music Fund, so they can continue to offer this experience to children with special needs.


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