Snow Days are the best days!

I love snow days!

We homeschool our son so a snow day does not typically impact his education. I am a small business owner and snow days can impact whether or not I work. If the roads are bad enough that I am not able to go in to work, then we also take a day off from homeschool.

Our weather has been crazy the past few weeks and I have had to close my business for a few days. As a small business owner, the decision to close for a day, or more, is not easy because my family’s livelihood is directly impacted. If my business is closed, then we as a family are not making any money that day. Despite this fact, I’ve absolutely enjoyed each of the snow days I have taken.

I have been able to take my son out sledding a couple days. He has made snow angels. We have had snow ball fights. We have made popcorn and watched movies. We have snuggled and been silly.

I cherish these days. They are too few.

Prior to starting my business I was an administrator at a private school. I spent long hours at the school pouring into the lives of teachers and other people’s children. I do not regret those years, however, I do wish I had spent more time with my own son. He grew up too quickly and I missed out on a lot during those years.

He is now twelve years old. He has autism, so he is not a typical twelve year old, for which I am grateful. He talks about wanting to grow smaller again. Sometimes, I wish he could grow smaller so that I could relive those younger years with him.

For those of us who get caught up in our work, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a second chance with our own children?

Now that I see the really important things in life, I find myself enjoying every moment with my son as much as I possibly can. I need time with him. It does my soul good to be with him and see life as he sees it. I have learned more about life from my son than I ever imagined.

He only sees the good in people. He revels in the small things. He does not hold grudges. He truly loves life. Simply put, he is authentic. I love being with him and wish I could spend every day with him instead of having to work.

I believe my son is better off when I am able to spend more time with him, no matter what we are doing. I know I am better off when I spend more time with him.

I want more snow days!

My son and my soul need more snow days!


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