For Such a Time as This!

“Whew! I’m glad he was there. I don’t think it would have been the same outcome if someone else was there instead.”

Have you ever experienced this feeling?

During the reign of King Ahasuerus in the Old Testament, the Jewish nation was in need of someone to save them. The king’s senior official, Haman, despised the Jews and plotted to have all of them killed. Word of this plot spread and the Jews prayed and sought God to save them. Haman and King Ahasuerus did not know the new queen, Esther, was a Jew.

Her uncle told her of the plot by Haman and asked for her help. He also let her know she would not be spared from Haman’s wrath just because she was the queen. Esther 4:14 finishes with her uncle saying, “who knows whether you have not come to the Kingdom for such a time as this?” God placed Esther in the right place at the right time and, with the help of Mordecai, He gave her the courage to expose Haman’s plans to the king. The king spared the Jews. You can read the entire story in the book of Esther in the Old Testament.

My wife and I needed someone to save our son before we ever met him. Having been born 4 months premature he was in need of the right doctor willing to do everything necessary to keep him alive. We needed doctor who saw this one pound, seven ounce baby as a human being who deserved a fighting chance at life. We didn’t even realize we needed this doctor when our son was born, because we didn’t know he was going to be our son.

The doctor who delivered our son was on duty in the NICU during his first month alive and boy were we grateful. Late in the month our son was knocking on heaven’s door.

One day my wife went in to spend some time with our son, like she did nearly every day. Before she could scrub up to go in the doctor came out and met her. He sat her down in a chair and with both hands on her shoulders; he looked her in the eye and said “he will not die”. She was stunned. Thankfully, he didn’t die.

The next month in NICU was a good one. Our son was getting stronger each day. He had no close calls or major health scares the entire month. This was the month a different doctor was on duty in the NICU.

His final full month in the NICU was the same month his first doctor was back on duty. Looking back, we should have figured something was going to happen that required the doctor to save him again, because there was another life threatening incident. The muscles around his lungs had clamped down and air was not getting to his lungs.

This doctor struggled for over two hours to get air in our son’s lungs. He finally succeeded. Later, we were told by the nurses that there was no other doctor in the hospital who would have done what that doctor did to save our boy.

Some people would say it was coincidental that this doctor was on duty when our son needed him the most. Some would say we were lucky to have this doctor in the NICU.

I say, God planned it all and made sure that doctor was on duty in the NICU where our son was born.

Our son had three life threatening experiences in the NICU. The same doctor was on duty all three times. That is not luck or coincidence. That is GOD!

This doctor didn’t save a nation, like Esther did, but he did save a very special boy.


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